Japan Visa Renewal Shizuoka Edition

My first application for a visa extension in Japan was three years ago. And in comparison to applying for a student visa, or graduating from college and applying to a company, there is no monumental event that marks when you need to renew your work visa. You just kind of have to remember. So like any responsible member of society I completely forgot until the last minute, and looked on the immigration page which basically only had the application form, a portrait photo and your passport. Thinking that “that sounds too easy”, I grabbed the listed documents and got up early the next day to go to the immigration office in Shinagawa.

Server API Goals

Since I’ve been a little hasty about jumping in and cleaning out the server-side API, I figured it would be a good idea to step back and re-evaluate my goals for the server API. For installation we had a somewhat simple task of simply removing anything that wasn’t needed to compile, and we were able to take our time and focus on one element at a time. With the server-side API, we don’t exactly have the same luxury as we don’t know how interdependent the various modules are to each other.