Framework Notes (serverStart)

Throwing the alphabetical approach out the window, there’s file that I’m pretty interested in looking at. And that file is ServerStart.js. This file get’s loaded when a new Jaxer instance is created in order to initialize the Apps that are recognized for that instance of the server. So getting familiar with this file might help with either simplifying or reducing the number of files needed to run Jaxer.

Framework Notes (apps)

While it would be nice to move the framework around get it arranged, maybe we can look into the framework itself to start getting some context of specifically what’s running and where. We have a couple of options of do we go alphabetically or do we just jump in and start looking at what’s interesting? To start out we don’t need to pick and choose because the first file App.js looks extremely interesting.

Reducing the Framework

In the past two blog posts we looked at the possibility of removing more unused folders from the final run time install location, and then we also looked into moving the server side frameworks source into the src folder. For the first possibility, we were able to find more unused content and remove it from the repository. For prospect of moving the framework source, we were unable to successfully move the files without causing errors, and weren’t given many clues as to what the issue is.